I may be slightly over my Bruno Mars problem, but that doesn’t mean i wouldn’t let him fuck me until I couldn’t breathe anymore.

Chapter 77


Several hours later Naomi sat in between Bruno’s sisters and family at a restaurant watching her boyfriend get lost in the music he was playing. It was the first time since he found out his mother was sick that he had even gotten close to an instrument. He sat in the dimly lit restaurant sitting at unfamiliar set of drums that suddenly melted into his body the second he picked up the drum sticks. She watched his eyes so intent on the drums and the way he bit the side of his cheek as he played a song she could tell everyone knew he loved. Seeing the same body movements every single time he touched an instrument or a microphone made her question what she was doing. Was his mom right? Did she really not love what she was doing? There was never a time when she could remember doing the same thing with her body or her voice. There wasn’t a thing that always completely made her comfortable, unlike him who just knew exactly what to do. “Nay…” Presley leaned over the table to talk to her.

Yeah?” she asked.

Are you okay?” Presley asked.

Yeah. I’m good.” she shook her head.

When do you leave for your tour?” Presley asked. “I don’t even know what I would do if we got to the point that we went on tour. Like it would be so fucking nuts.”

Yeah. It’s going to be nuts.” Naomi answered with a sigh.

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Let’s hope whoever gets the shirt will meet their idol and be a happy Fangirl and all will be right in the world.

Yes. Or you can go to the Goodwill on Blanco and 410 and look for it! :)

Today I went running with someone and she had her music on and I had my music on without headphones and I was listening to Bruno and she was listening to Pharrell and I was like “We’re on the Mooshine Jungle Tour.” But only in my head because that would have been weird to say out loud.


"sandrapusil: That’s happiness! That’s Bruno #brunomars #dancing #MJT”


"bmorningstar85: Bruno Mars kills it at Air Canada Centre in Toronto! Amazing show! #BrunoMars”

Bruno Mars performing Gorilla at the iHeart Radio Music Festival 2013


melissarenton: tonight was perfect ♥ @BrunoMars”


MeganBenttxo: @philsmeeze @BrunoMars omigosh I cant believe I met Phillip at the bruno mars concert best day ever!!”


OdeAlaJoie: I love this picture I took tonight @mrEricHernandez @BrunoMars Thank u for everything! #MoonshineJungleTour #Toronto

Bruno Mars + social medias/websites (insp)

Welcome to the Moonshine Jungle Tour!