Fill my ask with Bruno questions
1. When did you start liking Bruno?
2. Favorite Bruno memory
3. Favorite Bruno youtube
4. Favorite Bruno song
5. Favorite Bruno music video
6. Favorite Doo-wops and Hooligan song
7. Favorite unreleased Bruno song
8. Favorite Bruno gif
9. One thing that Bruno does that drives you crazy ?
10. One thing you would change about Bruno
11. Fave fanfiction
12. Fave BM tumblr
13. Do you twitter stalk Bruno ?
14. Reaction if he replied to your tweet
15. Would you want him to find your tumblr?
16. Does he really remind you of Michael Jackson?
17. Do you think he’ll last?
18. Favorite collaboration?
19. With hat or without?
20. Straight or curly?
21. Dressed up or dressed down?
22. 2011 VMA performance or 2011 BET performance?
23. Least favorite live performance?
24. Least favorite look
25. Have you seen him live?
26. Have you done a Meet and Greet?
27. Do you think they’re dating?
28. Reaction to 27 if they are
29. carrot dance or working the middle?
30. Press it or Rest of my life?
31. Anything else?