After Kenji Chan left the Hooligans to focus on taking care of Silk and have another offer in the field of music, quite a big question who will be the new member of The Hooligans.

Kenji who is a member of The Hooligans are the most friendly and many a favorite Hooligans had a chance to be in Indonesia when Bruno concert in Senayan on Tuesday, April 5, 2012.

Finally the questions are answered. John Fossitt, a member Austrin Brown and Travie McCoy and The Lazarus Project officially became a new member of The Hooligans. The Hooligans are not looking for a replacement Kenji, but because they incorporate new members will not be replaced Kenji position.

Hopefully when Bruno concert again in Jakarta, The Hooligans Hooligans could see Kenji and stay cool minus plus John Fossitt.